Only two people on her friends list responded to that post. They both answered with enthusiasm. After some discussion it was easy for us all to see that not one of us was in the sort of shape or position to be able to do such a hike. We downgraded our views and started to look at other hikes both local and abroad. 

It all started with a Facebook post. Naomi, inspired after watching the movie ‘The Way’ asked a simple question: Who wants to hike the Camino de Santiago with me? 

our philosophy

So we did what all good writers do and began to plan out how to get from here to our ultimate goals – which seemed to be getting grander with each discussion.  As we planned and plotted, eventually we managed to set out on our very first adventure together. You can read about it on our blog. Things went well, too well. Unfortunately at that point things sort of fell apart because, well, life happened. One of the trio had to step away from the project, but with her blessing Naomi and Crystal are happy to carry the torch.

our philosophy

Why are you doing this?

Eventually we touched upon the idea of combining what we love to do now with that we want to do. It wasn’t a far leap from there to where we are now – this site and blog. Knowing we had to get ourselves into hiking shape we aimed small and noticed a serious lack of information for our area and our level of hiking expertise. 

We don't believe that people who aren't in peak condition should be excluded from pursuing activities like hiking and backpacking. Injury? Illness? Just generally unfit? Maybe that means you might do slower, maybe it means you might not go as far, but that doesn't mean that you just plain can't  do it.

We believe that almost anyone, with the right preparations and attitude, can get out there and see the sights that mother nature has to offer. We want to inspire you with our stories and experiences. We aren't going to tell you that you can't because we know how it feels to hear that. We're here to say that you can and you should.

Every travel and adventure blog we've seen seems to be for already fit people by already fit people. Heaven-forbid that you aren't currently capable of scaling mountains and hiking 30 kilometers a day with a full pack. At least, that is how it felt to us when we went out searching for advice and ideas on how to tackle this idea of hiking.

This isn't right.