Naomi lives southwest of Edmonton, Alberta having fled the beautiful city of Victoria, B.C. for something different. Once surrounded by lush forest and crystal lakes, she is now surrounded by "toothpicks masquerading as trees." Lifelong eclectic interests have led her through some interesting situations and provided her with some equally interesting friends. Writing has always been a need, even if it's only for the enjoyment of friends and family, and now it is being combined with another lifelong love - Mother Nature and the great outdoors!

Crystal currently lives just west of Red Deer, Alberta, but grew up in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. There she was able to fully indulge in hiking the mountain terrain that was readily available. After the move to Alberta she lost touch with her love of writing and hiking, but it was quickly rekindled with the meeting of like minds and new interests, such as hunting and fishing. With a natural love for writing and a thirst for adventure, a project like this was meant to be.

WHy untamed?

Untamed Writers is a couple of crazy writers who decided that we shouldn't let anything stop us from experiencing everything that mother nature has to offer us.

We are on a journey to prove that injury and illness cannot limit us from doing what we love!



abouT US

Simple. We refuse to let anything tell us what we can or cannot do. We will not give in to the injuries and illnesses that try to rule our lives. We are writers and we refuse to be domesticated. Nothing will keep us chained to our desks when we have the entire world as our "office".

Your partners in Adventure