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What Are We doing?

Follow the inspirational journey of these so-called ordinary women from the couch to the mountain top to prove that anyone can get on out there and conquer the world.  With little experience and a great big goal they set out to prove that they aren’t limited by physical ability, fear or anything else that could stand in their way.

Follow their journey as they sing through the valleys and shout from the mountain tops – both real and metaphorical.

our philosophy

We’re not what anyone would call athletes - we’re writers. We spend most of our time on our cushioned posteriors at the computer. There are numerous reasons why we shouldn’t be out on the trail hiking. Reasons that we don’t believe should keep us from enjoying the beauty that this world has to offer.


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We are just going out there and experiencing the world. From backpacking in the Canadian Wilderness to road tripping through the USA and so much more. We are sharing the incredibleness of this world with you in hopes of inspiring others to go out there and do the same